Webinar: Optimization Application Demos

Please join us for an upcoming webinar in which we debut the first-ever Gurobi Optimization Application Demos. This presentation will walk through two live demos implemented by the Gurobi team and deployed on Amazon Web Services using Docker and Gurobi Instant Cloud. While the demos cover well-known optimization problems (workforce assignment and cutting stock problem), we will focus on the user interface, the architecture and the deployment of the applications. Ask your business users and IT team to join you in learning how to build modern optimization applications.

This presentation will:

  • Illustrate the value of optimization
  • Demonstrate how to interact with an optimization application
  • Show how this application can be implemented within a modern IT architecture
  • Go over best practices in deploying your own optimization applications

Presenting this webinar is Dan Jeffrey (St. Technical Account Manager, Gurobi Optimization).

There are two sessions, presented in English, to choose from:

Tuesday, May 21st at 8am PDT (GMT -8)

Wednesday, May 22nd at 3:00pm CET (GMT +1)

Click on the "Show in My Time zone" link at the top of the registration page for each webinar to see the start time in your local timezone.