Systems Administrator - Europe

Job Summary

Gurobi Optimization is looking for an experienced systems administrator to maintain and build software to deliver our products. Work on systems for website registration, software downloads, license keys, interactive demonstrations and more. You will see your direct impact on customers and staff. Join our experienced, sophisticated team of mathematicians and computer scientists.

You should be a computer generalist who can both program and do system administration. Gurobi uses a wide variety of systems:

  • Programming languages
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • Python
  • Systems
    • git
    • MySQL
    • Linux
    • Amazon Web Services
    • VMWare vSphere
    • Office 365

Job Responsibilities

  • License management systems: deliver and track software license keys
  • CRM: maintain and develop extensions for our customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Website integration: enhance custom software that links CRM, software licenses, website accounts
  • IT helpdesk: assist developers and corporate employees with our Linux clusters, Desktops, Office 365

Professional programming experience is a strict requirement. Salary will depend on the breadth and depth of your skills. This is a full-time salaried position that includes benefits.

You will work from your home, except for periodic meetings. You should be based in Europe, with preference for candidates in Germany. You should be fluent in English, both written and verbal. Travel is less than 2 weeks per year.


To apply for this position, please submit a resume to and reference this job title, and please include your current or most recent salary.

About Gurobi

Gurobi Optimization produces the most advanced commercial solver software in the world.  Gurobi Optimizer is the engine used by 2,100 companies in over two dozen industries to turn data into smarter decisions. It allows users to state their toughest business problems as mathematical models and then automatically considers billions or even trillions of possible solutions to find the best one.  One of our clients, the National Football League, uses our software each spring to solve one of the most complex scheduling problems in the world.  Engineering the optimal NFL schedule that accounts for television rights, rivalries, stadiums, time of day, travel, etc. is a problem with 800 trillion possibilities.  Our software finds the optimal solution quickly and with numerical robustness, helping the NFL to maximize the league's revenue each year.  Another customer, SAP, embeds our optimizer in their Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software allowing hundreds of their clients to quickly and efficiently optimize their supply chains.  Gurobi Optimization is a small, privately-held company founded by three experts in mathematical programming in 2008.  Our year-over-year growth in the past six years has ranged from 15% to 52%, with our current sales year coming in at 25%. Our entire workforce is distributed across five countries and everyone works remotely.  The business recently received a major investment and is using these funds to further its R&D efforts and expand sales and support.  The expansion of the sales organization is being executed to accelerate the growth of the business and expand into new markets.  This position reports to the Vice President of Engineering, based in the USA.