Using Perpetual Gurobi Licenses in the Cloud

In addition to using a pre-built Gurobi cloud instance, you are welcome to use your existing Gurobi cloud licenses in your own internal cloud instance or in a public cloud. Please contact and view our license overview page for more information.

Gurobi CloudSetting up an AWS cloud instance for your existing perpetual license

If you use an elastic network interface (ENI) for a Linux instance, the key will remain valid. The recommended method is to create the instance with an ENI, then stop and start the instance as needed.

For a Linux instance, if you create an EC2 Elastic Network Interface, the license should remain valid when you stop and restart the instance using a larger machine type. For Windows, the license should remain valid when you stop and start the instance, without the need for an ENI. That said, if the license becomes invalid, you can request a license transfer, provided that you have purchased maintenance.

For more information please contact either Gurobi Sales or submit a case on the Gurobi Support Portal.