The proven performance leader

The Gurobi Optimizer is designed to deliver the speed you want with the robustness you need. That's why even as we continue to push performance higher with every release, each feature and version is thoroughly tested against both an internal library of over 8,000 models from industry and academia as well as industry-standard public benchmark tests.

Proven Performance

While benchmark results can fluctuate as companies introduce new versions, with few exceptions over time, the Gurobi Optimizer consistently wins in public benchmark test results, including showing overall that Gurobi has:

  • the fastest times among linear programming (LP) solvers
  • the fastest times among mixed-integer programming (MIP) solvers
  • the fastest times for solving mixed-integer (QC)QP problems
  • the fastest times for detecting infeasibility

You can see these results in several ways:

As you look at various benchmark test results, there are several important points to keep in mind. We've listed some helpful tips on our Benchmark Overview page.

You may also be interested in reading some case studies using Gurobi, or seeing some of the many companies choosing Gurobi to help meet their optimization needs. Note, you must log in or register for your free Gurobi account to access case studies.

Try For Yourself

We know every situation and model is unique. See for yourself how Gurobi performs with a free trial or a full, no size restriction, evaluation.