Gurobi Optimizer

State of the Art Mathematical Programming Solver

The Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art solver for mathematical programming. It includes the following solvers: linear programming solver (LP solver), quadratic programming solver (QP solver), quadratically constrained programming solver (QCP solver), mixed-integer linear programming solver (MILP solver), mixed-integer quadratic programming solver (MIQP solver), and mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming solver (MIQCP solver)

The solvers in the Gurobi Optimizer were designed from the ground up to exploit modern architectures and multi-core processors, using the most advanced implementations of the latest algorithms.

To help set you up for success, the Gurobi Optimizer goes beyond fast and reliable solution performance to provide a broad range of interfaces, access to industry-standard modeling languages, flexible licensing together with transparent pricing, and outstanding, easy to reach, support.

Outstanding Solver Performance and Continual Improvement

While benchmark test results can fluctuate over time as different companies introduce new versions, Gurobi has consistently been the company to beat. In addition, with our single-minded focus on optimization, in just five years we’ve increased MIP solver performance by a factor of 27X and LP solver performance by a factor of 5X. This is important since you aren’t just buying based on today’s performance but on the confidence you will continue to get leading performance over time.

This is possible in part because we aren't saddled with legacy code. We've built each of our solvers from the ground up using the latest algorithmic developments and implementation techniques. There is no fixed size limit — the Gurobi Optimizer routinely solves models with millions of variables and constraints, even on standard laptop and desktop computers. More importantly, you can see the results in Gurobi's performance, particularly on larger, more difficult models. In fact, Gurobi solved 11 models in the MIPLIB2010 library that had not previously been solved by any other solver.

In addition, since reliability is just as important as performance, every feature and version of our solvers is fully tested against literally thousands of real-world instances, including both standard public benchmark test sets and extremely challenging, large-scale, industrial models from our customers.

The Convenience of Using a Familiar Programming or Modeling Language

To help maximize your productivity we support interfaces for a variety of programming and modeling languages:

  • Object-oriented interfaces for C++, Java, .NET, and Python
  • Matrix-oriented interfaces for C, MATLAB®, and R
  • Links to standard modeling languages: AIMMS, AMPL, GAMS, and MPL
  • Links to Excel through Premium Solver Platform and Risk Solver Platform

Whether you are building a new model or migrating existing models to take advantage of the improved performance Gurobi delivers, all of our object- and matrix-oriented interfaces are implemented as lightweight, modern APIs. As a result, they are faster and use less memory than competing alternatives.

In addition, our interfaces are designed to be consistent and intuitive. Once you understand a few key concepts, it's easy to see how to do what you want in any of the languages we support. And for those of you migrating applications that currently use other well-known solvers, we have designed our interfaces to make that migration easy and intuitive.

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Build Complex Models and Turn Them Into Full-Featured Applications

Our interactive interface is built on our Python object-oriented API. One significant advantage relative to competitor interactive interfaces is the ability to use this interface not just as an easily-accessible environment for running and testing models, but also as a development environment that can be used to build complex models and then transition these models to full applications. Python offers a full range of pre-built libraries to support full application development, including exceptional data access capabilities. These capabilities are in part the result of a very large and rapidly growing user community.

Our user guides and video overviews provide much more detail on the features and how to use each of our interfaces.

Numerous Options For Deploying Your Optimization Models

In addition to solving models locally on one machine, Gurobi can also seamlessly offload computation to other machines. This opens up a range of solution and deployment options:

  • Leverage the power of multiple machines to reduce solve times for a single model, using distributed optimization
  • Run on as many machines as you need, when you need them, using Gurobi Cloud
  • Offload optimization jobs from multiple clients to one or more servers, locally or in the cloud, while taking advantage of built-in queuing, load-balancing and fail-over capabilities, using Compute Server

Get Started Quickly

Whether you have existing models you want to migrate or you are looking to build new models from scratch, we can help you to get started quickly and to set yourself up for success.

Migrating Existing Models

While we have implemented our interfaces to be as modern and lightweight as possible, we have deliberately kept the look consistent with standard designs. Every attempt has been made to make these implementations both familiar and intuitive. And in addition to our programming interfaces, we support both MPS and LP file formats to get you up and running with Gurobi as quickly as possible.

We’re also here to help if needed. We offer step-by-step migration instructions for common scenarios, plus we are available live to provide assistance to help you more easily complete the migration.

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Building New Models

Particularly helpful for those of you who are new to optimization, we provide quick start and detailed reference guides, helpful videos, and useful information on model tuning.

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Outstanding Support You Can Actually Reach

We know there is nothing more frustrating than the time and effort wasted being passed around an organization while trying to get connected to someone who can actually assist you with your question.

At Gurobi, we treat support as a core part of our offering. We provide our customers direct access to PhD-level optimization experts with years of experience working with commercial models. With Gurobi, you get answers when you need them, not in days or weeks.

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Flexible Licenses and Transparent Pricing

Unlike licenses for competing optimization solvers, our licenses may be used for both development and deployment and have no restrictions on the number of applications supported per license. The net result: no unforeseen costs resulting from additional, higher-cost licenses you are forced to buy simply because these licenses will be used to deploy a solution.

When you compare the features, power, and pricing of the Gurobi Optimizer to alternatives you will quickly see that we are the value leader.

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For academic users at recognized, degree-granting, institutions, we also have a range of academic licenses, including free options.

But Don’t Take Our Word – Prove it for Yourself for Free

We are very confident that when you try it for yourself you will come to the same conclusion so many other companies have: that Gurobi is a great alternative to CPLEX and XPRESS.

As a result, we provide easy access to a full-featured evaluation version of Gurobi. Simply log in, or register if you don't already have an account, and then go to our evaluation request page.

We are always happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions. Just contact us at your convenience. You may also be interested in:

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