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Gurobi Optimizer version 5.5 continues our focus on delivering the significant improvements with each version our users have come to expect.

Version 5.5 includes the following enhancements:

Enhancement Summary
  Client-Server Functionality ➤   Automatic Tuning Tool ➤ 
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Client-Server Functionality

Our new Gurobi Compute Server feature provides an easier way for you to build client-server optimization applications. By transparently offloading the optimization computations from your client machines to one or more servers, this new capability allows you to make more efficient use of your compute resources.

Gurobi Compute Server provides a number of features:

  • Seamless integration of client-server capabilities into existing applications.  Most programs that use Gurobi will run as client-server applications without any code changes at all.
  • Powerful queuing and load balancing capabilities, with the ability to add server capacity on-the-fly.
  • Automatic failover, which can significantly increase the reliability of your applications.
  • Secure and efficient communication between the client and the server, including 256-bit AES encryption of your data
  • Built-in administrative tools to monitor the health of your servers, examine the job queue, kill jobs, etc.

You can learn more on our Gurobi Compute Server Overview page.

Automatic Parameter Tuning Tool

The Gurobi Optimizer includes dozens of parameters that can be used to fine-tune the behavior of our optimization algorithms. For many models, parameter changes can improve performance by 50% or more. To help users make more effective parameter choices, version 5.5 includes a new automatic parameter tuning tool. This tool can be used as a stand-alone executable or called directly from the Gurobi programming language APIs.

The new automatic tuning tool runs your model, gathers and analyzes performance information, and then performs a series of experiments with different parameter settings. When the tuning tool is finished, it provides several different parameter recommendations for you to try. The tuning tool includes a variety of configuration options that allow you to customize its behavior.

You can learn more by reading the Automatic Parameter Tuning section of our Reference Manual.

Additional Enhancements in 5.5

In addition to the above enhancements, we've also responded to user requests for the following features:

  • Concurrent MIP solver — This new MIP solution strategy performs several independent MIP solves in parallel, reporting the best results obtained by any of them. This approach is particularly effective on large parallel machines, where the benefit of performing a diverse set of solves is often significantly larger than the benefit of adding cores to a single MIP solve.
  • Barrier crossover factorization improvements — We have rewritten the barrier crossover factorization routine. The new routine is both faster and more numerically robust.
  • New NumericFocus parameter — This new parameter allows you to instruct the solver to use strategies that are more numerically robust (but slower).
  • Numerical stability improvements — The new version includes a number of additional numerical stability improvements.

With version 5.5, Gurobi continues to show its commitment to providing the best solvers, features, and support to help OR professionals succeed with optimization.

Enhancements in Prior Versions

Version 5.1 and before

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