Flexible Licensing Options

with "no surprises" pricing

We offer flexible licensing to meet your specific business needs, along with transparent pricing to avoid surprises at deployment or when you add applications to your offering. In addition, our licenses can be used on either physical or virtual machines. Unlike competing alternatives:

  • We DO NOT count cores to determine pricing
  • Each of our licenses can be used for both development and deployment
  • Each of our licenses can be used for an unlimited number of applications
  • Licenses may be transferred at deployment (such as from a consultant to the end user)

You may also be interested in a free downloadable .pdf on six questions to ask about licensing and pricing to help you more easily compare Gurobi's pricing with alternatives.

Licensing Overview

Below is an overview of the types of licenses we offer. You can also see our:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We're happy to discuss any special licensing needs with you.

License Overview
Named User
  • Single machine license for a single named person/unlimited simultaneous uses; formerly called the Single-User license
Single Use
  • Single machine license usable by any user of the machine, but once a user process that calls Gurobi is running, other programs that also call Gurobi must wait.
Unlimited User
  • Single machine license for unlimited simultaneous users and uses
Compute Server
  • Allows an unlimited number of client machines to submit jobs to a server
  • Multiple simultaneous uses from multiple machines
Distributed Optimization
  • This license is an add-on license available for our Named-User, Unlimited-User and Compute Server licenses. Distributed optimization allows users to leverage multiple machines, which may dramatically reduce solve times.
  • Licenses for individual virtual machines, or for multiple virtual machines running on the same host

For Commercial Users

Once you compare the development-deployment-support cost of using Gurobi vs. alternatives, you will quickly see that not only is our optimizer the leader in performance, but delivers the best overall value even if performance is not your primary concern. To see pricing simply register, if you have not already done so, and then:

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For ISVs (OEMs and SIs)

If you are looking to embed Gurobi in an application, we are familiar with your unique licensing needs and have programs in place to help meet those needs. Please review our ISV Program overview page then contact us so we can discuss your specific objectives.

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For Academic Users

For faculty, students, and staff at degree-granting academic institutions, we offer completely free, one year (renewable), named-user academic licenses, as well as unlimited-use university network licenses at a nominal charge.

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Free Offer: We've reviewed thousands of models and have dozens of machines dedicated to testing. If you are considering upgrading your hardware to get even better performance, we are happy to review your model (even if you are not a current Gurobi customer) to see if/how thay may help you. Simply contact us.