MPL with Gurobi

The power of Gurobi inside MPL

mpl MPL allows the model developer to formulate complicated optimization models in a clear, concise, and efficient way.

MPL offers a natural algebraic notation with outstanding expressive power, readability and user friendliness. MPL is among the fastest and most scalable optimization modeling software on the market today.

The benefits on using Gurobi with MPL

Gurobi for MPL gives MPL users access to state-of-the-art simplex-based linear programming, quadratic programming, and mixed-integer programming solvers from within the user-friendly Windows environment of MPL. The Gurobi solver is accessed from MPL for Windows as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This tight integration allows MPL users to transparently access Gurobi solution algorithms from their MPL application.

As part of its current MPL Free Development Program, Maximal Software will give a free copy of MPL to anyone who purchases the Gurobi solver with maintenance.

Note: In March of 2016 we changed our commercal relatioinship with MPL. New and existing users can still continue to use Gurobi with MPL, but how they obtain Gurobi has changed. You can learn more here.

To learn more

To learn more about using Gurobi with MPL contact Gurobi Sales or visit the Gurobi Page on