The Latest Enhancements - Version 8.0

Higher performance and expansive new features in Gurobi Optimizer, Instant Cloud and Compute Server

Video: What's New in Gurobi 8.0

Watch a 30-minute video overview of the v8.0 enhancements and performance improvements.

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Performance Improvements

Gurobi Optimizer v8.0 continues to push the envelope of solver speed and performance. The overall v8.0 performance improvements versus v7.5 include:

  • MIP is 16% faster overall and 26% faster on difficult models that take more than 100 seconds to solve.
  • LP Dual Simplex is 12% faster overall, a very notable improvement for this class of models.

We are happy to help you benchmark your models with Gurobi v8.0. Simply email us at


  • Enhanced R and MATLAB APIs – The R and MATLAB APIs have been significantly improved to provide nearly all the capabilities of other Gurobi APIs. The improved interfaces now support multi-objective optimization, general constraints, etc.
  • Support for .NET Core 2.0 – Support for .NET Core on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms has been added. This allows .NET programs to run on more than just Windows systems.
  • Multiple MIP Starts – Support for multiple MIP starts.
  • Partition Heuristic – A new MIP heuristic that performs local search within user-specified partitions.
  • Callbacks for Multi-Objective Optimization – User callbacks are now supported.

New Compute Server Capabilities

Gurobi Compute Server is now packaged and installed as a separate component and includes a number of new features:

  • Standard Communication Protocol – Support for HTTP and HTTPS has been added for improved security, ease of deployment, and robustness.
  • Clustering – New clustering that allows nodes to be added to and removed from clusters dynamically.
  • Commands – A new command line tool can now monitor and manage your cluster. Users can display the status of the cluster, list running and recently processed jobs, and access job logs and parameters. An administrator can list the licenses, abort jobs, and manage the nodes of the cluster.
  • REST API – A new cluster REST API allows you to programmatically monitor and manage your cluster.

New Instant Cloud Capabilities

Gurobi Instant Cloud has been enhanced with the following new features:

  • HTTPS – Support for HTTPS has been added for better security, robustness, and easier integration.
  • Job List – A new job list now displays the jobs queued, running, and recently processed.
  • Job Dashboard – A new dashboard displays detailed job information, such as job status, log files, parameters, and metrics, in one place.
  • Job History – A new archive functionality allows users to store job logs and statuses from the past three months.
  • Pool Scaling – New pool scaling allows the user to dynamically add or remove machines to and from pools.
  • Machine Metrics – New machine metrics display CPU and memory usage on each machine.
  • REST API – Extended REST API has been added to access job information and control pool scaling.

With Version 8.0, Gurobi continues to show its commitment to providing the best solvers, features and support to help you succeed with optimization.

Upgrading is Easy

  • Commercial users current on their Maintenance and Support — Simply download and install Gurobi 8.0, and then rerun the grbgetkey process with your current license(s). Your license(s) have already been updated to work with Gurobi 8.0. To find the code for your license simply go to (while logged in), click on the license you wish to use with Gurobi 8.0, and you will see the grbgetkey code near the bottom of the page.
  • Academic users of the free academic version of Gurobi — Academic users who obtained their license from the Gurobi website should go to and request a new academic license. Academic users who obtained their license directly from Gurobi's license team should follow the process for commercial users current on their M&S shown above.
  • All other users — Please contact Gurobi Sales to discuss upgrade options.

Enhancements in Prior Versions of Gurobi

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