The Latest Enhancements

Version 7.5 delivers higher performance and powerful new modeling capabilities

Performance Improvements

The Gurobi Optimizer v7.5 extends our tradition of providing significant performance enhancements with each new release. The overall performance improvements from v7.0 on models that take more than one second to solve include:

  • MIP:
    • 32% faster (70% faster on models that take >100 seconds to solve)
  • LP:
    • Concurrent: 15% faster (47% faster on models that take >100 seconds to solve)
    • Dual Simplex: 19% faster (42% faster on models that take >100 seconds to solve)
    • Barrier: 9% faster (34% faster on models that take >100 seconds to solve)
  • MIQP:
    • 220% faster (too few models >100s to compare)
  • SOCP:
    • 17% faster (too few models >100s to compare)

A number of MIQCP and QP models also saw improved results in v7.5. However, overall results on our MIQCP test set were down 8% and overall QP results were down 2%.

While we're seeing improvements on the vast majority of models in our test sets, results on your models may vary. We are happy to help you benchmark your models with Gurobi v7.5. Simply email us at

Python Modeling Enhancements

Our Python modeling interface has been extended to further simplify the task of translating mathematical models into efficient implementations. This version contains new, simplified syntax for specifying general constraints (min, max, abs, and, or, and indicator), and for range constraints. For more information, see the Python API Overview section in the Reference Manual.

Simplified multi-objective interface

Our multi-objective interface has been greatly simplified. You can now specify objectives through a single setObjectiveN routine. For an overview see the Multiple Objectives section in the Reference Manual.

Enhanced multi-objective control

Our new multi-objective environments feature allows you to set termination parameters for each pass of the multi-objective optimization algorithm separately. For an overview see the Multiple Objectives section in the Reference Manual.

Fewer constraint violations in MIQP solutions

We have tightened our internal tolerances for MIQP models to reduce the number of cases where the solution exhibits small constraint violations.

JavaDoc documentation

Our Java interface now includes a JavaDoc version of our documentation.

Support for Python 3.6 and R 3.4

We've added support for Python 3.6 (including Anaconda 3.6) on Linux, Mac, and Windows, as well as support for R 3.4.

Support for Visual Studio 2017

We've added support for Visual Studio 2017 on Windows.

New parameters

With the release of 7.5, we've added support for two additional parameters:

  • IgnoreNames: Ignores user-provided variable and constraint names.
  • StartNodeLimit: Provides additional control over how much work is performed to complete a partial MIP start.

With version 7.5, Gurobi continues to show its commitment to providing the best solvers, features, and support to help OR professionals succeed with optimization.

Upgrading is Easy

Current users of v7.0 or later will not need a new license to use Gurobi 7.5. If you are using a version of Gurobi older than v7.0, getting one is easy:

  • Commercial users current on their Maintenance and Support — Simply download and install Gurobi 7.5, and then rerun the grbgetkey process with your current license(s). Your license(s) have already been updated to work with Gurobi 7.5. To find the code for your license simply go to (while logged in), click on the license you wish to use with Gurobi 7.5, and you will see the grbgetkey code near the bottom of the page.
  • Academic users of the free academic version of Gurobi — Academic users who obtained their license from the Gurobi website should go to and request a new academic license. Academic users who obtained their license directly from Gurobi's license team should follow the process for commercial users current on their M&S shown above.
  • All other users — Please contact Gurobi Sales to discuss upgrade options.

Enhancements in Prior Versions of Gurobi

You may also be interested in viewing a list of enhancements from v4.0 to v7.0 on our Prior Versions page.