Resources To Help You Succeed

From getting started, to switching, to building a full application we're here to help

Below is a summary of resources you may find helpful (with links to the appropriate web pages). We are of course always happy to discuss your needs and help answer your questions. Contact us at your convenience ➤

Resource Description
Getting Started We can help you start right with useful resources and assistance.
Switching to Gurobi Review our step-by-step guides and intuitive interfaces including specific instructions on switching from XPRESS or CPLEX.
Documentation See our quick start, detail product manuals, as well as other helpful guides.
Example Code Browse example code showing how to build basic models, import data, create some simple applications, and use some more advanced features.
Seminars and Videos Watch Gurobi in action as well as see videos on our Python interface, how to tune for performance, and how to migrate an existing model to Gurobi.
Consulting Services We have a range of partner companies who can help you build and deploy models.
Technical Support Get easy access to great support before and after purchase.
FAQs Common questions and answers about using Gurobi
Benchmark Results See how Gurobi rates in independent benchmark tests.
Case Studies See examples of how others are successfully using Gurobi
Books and Blogs A list of selected books and blogs relating to optimization
Gurobi Google Group Community group for Gurobi users