Migrating from Excel-based planning tools to enterprise-ready optimization models and applications

Excel is still the most widely used tool for strategic, tactical and operational purposes in companies around the world. However, many companies run into situations where they want better decisions with less work and in less time, but don’t necessarily have the internal OR expertise to build their own enterprise-ready optimization applications. This webinar provides tips on when to migrate, how to do so successfully, and on managing optimization projects. Presented with ORConomy in Deutsch. Also available in English.

Getting Gurobi

Whether you are new to optimization or switching from a competing solver, we've worked hard to make getting started with Gurobi easier for you.

Using Gurobi

To help you be as productive as possible, we offer a detailed reference manual along with numerous code examples and a wide range of videos.


At Gurobi, we provide our customers direct access to PhD-level optimization experts with years of experience working with commercial models.