Consulting Services

Get expert assistance with making Gurobi part of your software

There is a wide range of consulting firms around the world choosing Gurobi for use with their clients. Below are examples you may contact directly. We're happy to discuss your unique needs and see if we can recommend a firm to assist you. Simply contact us at your convenience.

Abremod designs and implements math programming models of business processes, leveraging the power of Gurobi to turn models and data into actionable results. Our experience includes portfolio optimization, revenue management, workforce scheduling and facility layout. We use test-driven development and short iterations to reduce project risk and increase the long-term value of the results. We also offer simulation and forecasting services.

Amsterdam Optimization Modeling Group focuses on the practical application of optimization models. We can help with the design, implementation and deployment of complex decision support models. Our extensive experience in applying mathematical optimization models includes numerous areas such as industry planning and scheduling, optimal location, financial optimization and government policy evaluation.

Biarri builds SaaS solutions and provides consultation services powered at the core by complex mathematical engines. We have worked across many different industries solving operational and strategic; advanced planning and scheduling, supply chain and logistics, workforce management and business analytics problems. Our solutions are supported by Gurobi to produce the repeatable, agile, and high quality optimized results, that our customers require.

Chippington Derrick Consultants is a UK-based consulting services company who specialise in solving complex real-world problems. Founded in 2003 by proven experts in optimization, Chippington Derrick Consultants have worked in many business domains, and are security approved for NATO Secret-level work. Our work with clients usually spans many business areas because new and innovative business systems often require bringing together data and knowledge that have previously been kept separate. We listen to our customers, solve the right problem, implement it as a user-friendly business solution (not just a technical solution) and we stick around to provide on-going support.

Decide is committed to solving our customer's complex problems by using optimization techniques. For more than 10 years we have implemented and successfully deployed optimization models in fields such as workforce management, network design, supply chain, inventory optimization, transportation planning and more. Our solutions are not just optimization models but vertical solutions that bring the value right to our customer's hands. For us, Gurobi is an essential tool to achieve these results.

DecisionFlow builds customized decision support solutions, from strategic supply chain network design and production-distribution planning to detailed resource allocation and scheduling. By integrating Gurobi software with configurable modeling components, DecisionFlow delivers competitive risk adjusted returns, quick time-to-value and the right balance between level of detail and performance.

End-to-End Analytics, LLC is a consulting company that focuses on blending seasoned business expertise with advanced mathematical modeling to deliver actionable tools and processes, and / or recommendations. With ties to the Stanford MS&E Department, the team comprises over 40 members with advanced degrees in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering and has experience solving a large variety of problems across multiple industries with companies ranging from Fortune 50’s to start-ups.

Eurodecision offers organizations a wide variety of global solutions in resource optimization. Eurodecision provides consulting, feasibility studies, and the development, integration and maintenance of operational prototypes and software applications. Based in Versailles, the company employs over 60 high level consultants skilled in both information technology and optimization techniques. Eurodecision is one of Europe's most dynamic players in resource optimization.

FirstTech is one of the leading solution providers of intelligent decision management in China and Taiwan. In the past ten years, Firsttech’s consulting force has successfully delivered optimization-based supply chain software applications to world class manufacturing companies such as Baosteel, Chimei Innolux, Yutong Bus, Chery Auto, and many more.

Industrial Algorithms Limited provides software and services to develop and deploy industrial optimization and estimation projects in the continuous and batch process industries, with a focus on automating the decision-making for large-scale scheduling problems. Projects are implemented using our unique structural and semantic modeling platform called IMPL (Industrial Modeling and Programming Language), which speeds up the time-to-benefits significantly. Both discrete and nonlinear dynamic optimization problems can be modeled and solved with a seamless integration between the two when problems require the solution of both logistics and quality details found in the process industries.

Koina provides mathematical optimization services in Switzerland. Koina supports their clients from getting their project off the ground through seeing their comprehensive and innovative solutions fly. For this purpose, Koina employs state-of-the-art modelling techniques and development technologies. Their success stories come from, among other areas, resource and manpower planning challenges, applied to a range of industries.

LogicallyYours has 10 years of experience in solving problems that require complex algorithm development or/and combinatorial optimization. For its industrial clients, it not only solves their problem but builds models that consistently deliver the optimal solution, even if advancing the state of the art in research is required. We'd love to tackle your problem, more so if others have not been able to solve it. There is less competition in the domain of 'the impossible'.

Opex Analytics is a unique analytics consulting partner operating on the belief that algorithms will transform the world of operations.  By blending our deep experience in data science and operations research we are committed to bringing the market innovative solutions including advanced visualizations, machine learning and optimization.  Using an agile methodology we not only build the right models to solve the business problems, but also help quickly deploy the models as business applications with the option to use our application deployment platform.

Optimal Solutions, Inc. builds and deploys custom applications using optimization technologies. Our expertise is in meeting function requirements, IT constraints, and management goals the area of supply chain optimization, advanced planning and scheduling, S&OP optimization, and capacity optimization. We have served verticals such as: Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Refineries, Plastics, and Pharmaceuticals. You can see an online example here.

Optisolve is a consulting and a software development company that specializes in building mathematical optimization models. We excel at solving hard and unstructured problems which are crucial for a business to succeed. Our experience with cloud optimization and industrial clients helps to bridge the business needs and not-so-easy mathematical formulation and implementation.

opTRIMize, LLC helps businesses in the supply chain, energy sector, and processing industries reduce production costs, increase revenues, and increase customer satisfaction. They do this by understanding key business processes and then formulating robust mathematical models and applications (stand-alone or integrated into legacy systems) leveraging the Gurobi solver to provide solutions that help inform business decisions and optimize key processes.

ORCONOMY is an innovative solution provider for complex planning puzzles. Our expertise is in building high-quality custom applications using optimization, simulation and (big data) analytics. Our experience includes supply chain optimization, scheduling, production planning and vehicle routing. Based in the heart of Germany, we serve clients such as Volkswagen, Daimler or Lufthansa as full service provider. You can read more about their work with Lufthansa in this case study (in German).

ORMAE, registered in the United States & India, provides Operations Research and Data Science services with a focus on the Supply Chain, Automotive, Transportation, E-commerce, ITeS/Call Center, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Chemical and Manufacturing Industries. The team includes scientists from top-tier institutes with a strong background in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Data Science and Computer Science. They are led by Dr. Amit Garg, who holds a Guinness World Record in Mathematics and worked for 9+ years in the United States developing innovative algorithms and mathematical models for Amazon, Genesys and Penske.

Outperform is a Netherlands based Supply Chain solution provider with offices in Europe, the US and South Africa. Outperform Planning covers the entire S&OP process from Demand Planning to Supply Planning including Production Planning, MRP, Scheduling and Distribution in ONE solution, using the Gurobi Optimizer to create high-quality optimized plans.

Polymathian is an industrial mathematics company that specialises in optimisation, simulation, and analytics. Polymathian has worked with some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world, solving complex problems in industries such as Supply Chain and Logistics, Crew Scheduling, Telecommunications, Finance, and Mining. Polymathian uses Gurobi products to deliver enduring value to its clients.

Princeton Consultants blends advanced analytics, data science and management consulting to help industry leaders and fast-growing innovators transform performance. Founded in 1981, we have a long track record in developing and successfully implementing breakthrough solutions. Additionally, we review and improve optimization and predictive analytics models through our quality assurance service.

Sintec is a leading consulting firm specializing in business model optimization supported by operations and client strategies, using organizational transformation and predictive analysis as enablers. Sintec designs, implements and guides throughout the execution of solutions customized for clients.

Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering is a UK-based consultancy specialising in optimal planning, complex system design and prototyping, as well as solving optimisation problems under uncertainty. We apply a model-based data-driven approach to provide services across a wide range of industries, including transportation, telecoms and spectrum auctions, energy, agriculture and defence sectors and we use the Gurobi suite to ensure that our solutions are obtained both reliably and efficiently.

Strategic Advisors for Transformation AG, headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, is a worldwide operating simulation and optimization consulting company dedicated to "Simulation-based Complexity Management" and the systematic application of Discrete Event Simulation, System Dynamics, Agent-Based Modeling, and leading edge Optimization Techniques.

Sphere is dedicated to helping you unlock the value of your supply chain. We work with Retailers, Distributors, Transportation providers, Manufacturers and 3PLs to optimize every part of the operation of today’s Global Supply Chains. Our expertise in Real Time transactional optimization harnesses the power and flexibility of Gurobi. Our Elevate Platform® uses a Business Rules driven approach with Gurobi at its core to provide rapid results which increase the efficiency and profitability of our customers.