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We know there is nothing more frustrating than the time and effort wasted being passed around an organization while trying to get connected to someone who can actually assist you with your question. At Gurobi, we treat support as a core part of our offering.

Gurobi Optimization Technical Support

Gurobi Technical Support

For our commercial customers, we provide direct access to optimization experts with PhDs and years of experience with commercial models. For users of our no-cost academic licenses, we limit support to product installation and licensing questions, and have a user community for all other questions.

Commercial Users Academic Users
Phone Support:
+1 713 871 9341 x4
Email Support:
Installation & Licensing:
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Gurobi User Community

In this moderated Gurobi discussion group, users can read and post questions about the Gurobi Optimizer. You can also read current and past messages online, and subscribe to receive messages via email. Click the button below to go to the sign-up page for the discussion group.


Consulting and Training Services

We also provide referrals to 3rd party consultants on building models or applications which call Gurobi. In addition, we also offer training both at events we put on ourselves as well as at those offered by third parties such as Abremod. Click the appropriate button below to learn more.


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