INFORMS O.R. and Analytics Student Competition

Congratulations on taking part in the 2019 INFORMS Student Competition.

This page will help you quickly download, license and get started with Gurobi for use in the competition. If you are looking for the competition overview page on the INFORMS website, you can find it here. To download the Gurobi Solver, you need to be logged in. If you don’t already have an account on Gurobi, you can easily register for one here. Once you are logged in follow the steps below.  

Step One: Download Gurobi

The Gurobi Optimizer is the state-of-the-art math programming solver able to handle all major problem types. The first step to using Gurobi is downloading a copy for yourself. You can do so on our Gurobi Downloads page. Download Gurobi  

Step Two: Obtain a License

We offer academics the same full-featured, no-size-limit versions of Gurobi that commercial customers use. You can learn more on our Gurobi for Universities page. Get your own free academic license here. Request Your License  

Step Three: Explore

From our Quick Start Guides to our Example Models to the recordings of our Webinars, we have a number of resources available to help you get started with Gurobi. View our online Resources Center to see what is available.

Technical Support

For users of our no-cost academic licenses, we limit support to product installation and licensing questions. If your question is related to product installation or licensing, please email us at For all other questions, or to discuss the product, we have set up a Gurobi discussion group. You can read current and past messages online, or subscribe to receive messages via email: We encourage users to answer each others’ questions; Gurobi staff members will monitor the group and answer questions as time permits.  

Best of luck in the competition!