Academic Program Manager – Americas

About Gurobi Optimization

Gurobi Optimization produces the most advanced commercial solver software in the world. Gurobi Optimizer is the engine used by over 2,400 companies in over two dozen industries to turn data into smarter decisions. It allows users to state their toughest business problems as mathematical models and then automatically considers billions or even trillions of possible solutions to find the best one. One of our clients, the National Football League, uses our software each spring to solve one of the most complex scheduling problems in the world. Engineering the optimal NFL schedule that accounts for television rights, rivalries, stadiums, time of day, travel, etc. is a problem with 800 trillion possibilities. Our software finds the optimal solution quickly and with numerical robustness, helping the NFL to maximize the league’s revenue each year. Another customer, SAP, imbeds our optimizer in their Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software allowing hundreds of their clients to quickly and efficiently optimize their supply chains. Gurobi Optimization is a small, privately-held company founded by three experts in mathematical programming in 2008. Our year-over-year growth in the past 6 years has ranged from 15% to 52%, with 2018 coming in at 36%. Our entire workforce is distributed across 5 countries and everyone works remotely. The business recently received a major investment and is using these funds to further its R&D efforts and expand sales and support. One particular area of focus is with the academic channel. Gurobi gives free licenses to academics and even allows them to take a license with them to their first job. Our approach, until now, has been passive and only with operations research programs, professors and students. To establish Gurobi in the far bigger and growing data science and computer science spaces, this position will focus almost exclusively on those programs. We seek someone who can proactively build relationships with universities across the United States so that Gurobi becomes a critical element in the curriculum of data science and computer science. This position reports to the head of marketing, based on the west coast.

The Role

As an Academic Program Manager, you will be responsible for working closely with academic institutions across the United States with the purpose of building strong awareness of prescriptive analytics, mathematical optimization, solvers, and the Gurobi brand within data science programs. This position will work closely with our technical and marketing teams to curate content, speakers and programs that allow university programs to incorporation mathematical optimization into their curriculum. The ultimate goal is to get students interested in Optimization and help them build a connection with the Gurobi brand.


  • Increase awareness of the Gurobi brand and Gurobi’s value proposition to academics and universities across the United States
  • Generate new academic leads through networking and prospecting, including cold calling, as well as leveraging the marketing and PR activities of the company
  • Establish and cultivate relationships between Gurobi and universities; i.e. department chairs, provosts, professors, teaching assistants, etc.
  • Make presentations to key personnel at universities across the United States on the importance of introducing hands-on experience with the Gurobi Optimizer to the students of data science and computer science
  • Schedule regular presentations for Gurobi’s technical personnel at key universities
  • Work with professors to incorporate mathematical programming and the use of Gurobi into both curriculum, academic papers and text books
  • In collaboration with Gurobi’s marketing team, develop and execute awareness and demand generation campaigns
  • Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of Gurobi’s product offerings, mathematical programming, commercial and open-source solvers and artificial intelligence (genetic algorithms, machine learning, big data, etc.)
  • Re-engineer, drive and track the Take Gurobi With You program to ensure the focus on academia translates to commercial growth for the company


  • Must have a proven track record of success in the academic space
  • An extensive understanding of data science with additional understanding of computer science and/or operations research a plus
  • Powerful and effective oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to quickly and effectively build rapport with others
  • Strong critical thinking skills — can reduce complex situations to a simpler form to solve
  • A methodical and precise approach to the job with a focus on the use of CRM and analytics to run the business
  • Able to find an entry point into a university and then capable of expanding wiring across the necessary stakeholders to establish Gurobi as a key technical partner
  • Highly competitive with a desire for achievement
  • Self-motivated and effective working from a home environment
  • 5+ years working in the academic space
  • Travel up to 25%
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent is required


We are a highly distributed company, with employees all over the world. We regret that relocation assistance is not available.

To apply

To apply for this position, please submit a resume to and refer to the position of Academic Program Manager Americas.