Gurobi for Academics and Researchers

We offer a variety of licenses to support the teaching and use of optimization within academic institutions.

Get up and running in minutes with Gurobi licenses

Individual Academic Licenses

  • Named-user academic license: This license can be installed on a single physical machine. Users may install and license Gurobi for their own use on more than one machine.
  • To obtain this license:
    • After registering and logging in, visit the Download Gurobi Optimizer page, and download the version you need, as well as the README.txt.
    • After downloading, visit the Free Academic License page to request the free license.
    • Follow the instructions in README.txt to install the software.
    • Once installed, run ‚grbgetkey‘ using the argument provided (ex: grbgetkey ae36ac20-16e6-acd2-f242-4da6e765fa0a). The ‚grbgetkey‘ program will prompt you to store the license key on your machine, as well as validate your eligibility by confirming your academic domain (e.g., any ‚.edu‘ address).

If you have any problems, please refer to the Academic Validation Troubleshooting instructions.

Educational Institution Site Licenses

  • Multi-user academic site license: This license of Gurobi can be installed on a university’s local-area network.
  • To obtain this license:
    • Ask your network administrator to submit a case at and ask for an academic site license request form.
    • Once the form has been submitted and approved, we will send instructions to your administrator on how to obtain and install the license.


Free Academic License Requirements

  • Can only be used by faculty, students, or staff of a recognized degree-granting academic institution
  • Can only be used for research or educational purposes
  • Must be validated from a recognized academic domain
  • These licenses expire 12 months after the creation date, and can be renewed annually
  • There is no limit on the number of free licenses you can obtain, although each license must be generated individually.


Using a Free Academic License with Modeling Systems

You may use a free Academic License for Gurobi with an existing license for AMPL, GAMS or MPL. To do this, first follow the instructions above. Next, configure Gurobi as a solver for your modeling system (this may require you to install additional tools):

  • For AMPL, detailed instructions can be found in the AMPL-Gurobi Guide.
  • For GAMS, please see the instructions for OsiGurobi and the professional Gurobi link on the GAMS website.
  • For MPL, the academic version already comes with the Gurobi solver installed, so no additional configuration steps are needed.

To purchase an academic license for AMPL, please contact us. To purchase an academic license for GAMS, please contact GAMS. Free academic licenses for MPL are available via the MPL Academic Program.

Technical Support

If your question is related to product installation or licensing, please visit the Gurobi Support site for assistance. For all other questions, or to discuss the product, we have a Gurobi Community Discussion Forum.