Recent Graduates - Take Gurobi with You

Our goal is to help graduating students continue to use Gurobi as they move from their academic studies to a commercial environment.

Take advantage of this one year free license offer as you graduate and move into a professional role.To help with this transition, we are happy to provide a commercial named-user license with an expiration date of one year from the date of issue. This license is provided at no cost to either the graduating student or their new employer, and may be used within the company exactly as if it had been purchased at full price.

Take Gurobi with You

The specific program requirements are:

  • Recent graduate must be in our records as having had a valid academic Gurobi license while a student at an approved degree-granting institution
  • Recent graduate must request transition license within 12 months after their date of graduation
  • Recent graduate may only obtain one license under this program
  • Employer may only obtain one license for use in a given department under this program
  • Offer only valid for a Named User license, in the name of the recent graduate, set to expire one year from the date of issue

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