Technical Staff

Thanks to our growth, Gurobi is looking for experts in mathematical programming. If you are passionate about computational optimization, Gurobi may be a great match! Gurobi technical staff help customers build the fastest optimization applications. 

We have a variety of different roles with responsibilities that include:

  • Benchmarking models for prospective customers to find the fastest ways to solve models

  • Determining computer hardware and software that are most effective for the optimization application

  • Guiding and training customers how to write high-performance optimization programs

  • Recommending computing systems for always-available optimization applications

  • Writing and presenting training material that introduce optimization to new users

  • Building demonstration applications that showcase innovative optimization applications

  • Helping make a business case for optimization applications in major businesses and government agencies

  • Contributing the next generation of the fastest solver algorithms

  • Finding new frontiers for optimization applications such as machine learning 

The Gurobi technical team includes graduates of the world’s top universities, with PhD degrees and/or similar work experience. 


The Roles

Here are our key technical roles:

  • Algorithm Developer: Add and enhance the algorithms, interfaces and features of the Gurobi Optimizer to ensure it is the fastest and most powerful solver available
  • Support Engineer: Help Gurobi customers make the most of their optimization applications, including model tuning, training and application troubleshooting
  • Technical Account Manager: Advise prospective customers on the best way to build optimization applications, with demonstrations, benchmarks and computer recommendations 



We are a highly distributed company, with employees all over the world. We are flexible on work location. We regret that relocation assistance is not available.


To Apply

To apply for this position, please submit a resume to and refer to the Technical Staff opening.