Gurobi Instant Cloud Licensing

Below is a licensing overview for the Gurobi Instant Cloud. Please contact Gurobi Sales with any questions.

Licensing Overview

The Gurobi Instant Cloud includes, depending on the plan you choose, either Single-Use or Compute Service licenses. If the plan you choose includes Compute Server licenses, you also have the ability to launch distributed workers. We do not charge license fees for distributed workers, but we do pass along the actual machine charges from Amazon resulting from the type, number and length of time your distributed workers are active.

Usage is billed as a 30 minute minimum starting with the launch of the machine and then billed in 1/100th of an hour increments after the first 30 minutes until the machine is shut down.

Common Features

All Instant Cloud plans provide:

  • The ability to handle an unlimited number of users
  • No imposed limits on the model size
  • The ability to choose from Amazon data centers from around the world
  • The latest generation of c4 compute optimized and r3 memory optimized machines
  • Full access to the Gurobi Instant Cloud REST API
  • Full access to Gurobi Support
  • Authorization for development, deployment and multiple application use
  • The ability to set up static IPs

Plan-specific Features

License Type Bronze Silver Gold
Term One Year
One Year
One Year
Overview One simultaneous use at most Compute Server Compute Server
Number of simultaneous uses: One Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum queue length: One Unlimited Unlimited
Gurobi AWS AMI access: No Available (no extra charge) Available (no extra charge)
Distributed Optimization enabled: No Yes Yes
Built-in queuing: No Yes Yes
Built-in load balancing: No Yes (requires more than one machine) Yes (requires more than one machine)
Built-in failover: No Yes (requires more than one machine) Yes (requires more than one machine)