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In addition to users being able to take advantage of the powerful Gurobi Python modeling and development environment, Gurobi can be used with a variety of 3rd party programming and modeling languages. This allows customers already working in these systems to continue to work in a familiar environment while still taking advantage of the most powerful solver available today.

Gurobi can be used with the following modeling languages, of which we sell AMPL directly.

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As of March of 2016, we have changed our commercial relationships with AIMMS, GAMS and MPL. New and existing users can still continue to use Gurobi with these modeling languages, although users of these modeling languages will need to buy Gurobi directly from us.

Existing users who have purchased Gurobi through AIMMS, GAMS and MPL can continue to purchase maintenance on existing licenses through these companies. In addition, academic users will still be able to use free Gurobi academic licenses through these modeling systems.

Commercial users who are interested in purchasing new licenses should contact Gurobi Sales by filling out the form below. Academic users can download Gurobi for free by visiting our Gurobi For Universities page and following the instructions for using Gurobi with modeling languages.

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