Introduction To Mathematical Optimization Modeling

Objective and Prerequisites

The goal of this modeling example is to introduce the key components in the formulation of mixed integer programming (MIP) problems. For each component of a MIP problem formulation, we provide a description, the associated Python code, and the mathematical notation describing the component.

To fully understand the content of this notebook, the reader should:

  • Be familiar with Python.
  • Have a background in any branch of engineering, computer science, economics, statistics, any branch of the “hard” sciences, or any discipline that uses quantitative models and methods.

The reader should also consult the documentation of the Gurobi Python API. This notebook is explained in detail in our series of tutorial videos on mixed integer linear programming. You can watch these videos by clicking here and you can download the repository containing for this and other examples by clicking here.



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Access the Jupyter Notebook Modeling Example

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Introduction To Mathematical Optimization Modeling