Why Gurobi?

What Drives Us?

We are focused on providing the best optimization solver in the world, along with outstanding support and straightforward pricing.

Our Single Product Focus

We offer the best MIP solver on the market and have no plans of expanding into other areas, such as consulting. Therefore, we are committed to creating the best performing solver for your most complex business problems.

Our PhD-level Support

The Gurobi support team is eager to help our customers with any questions or struggles that might come up. We are proud to say that our satisfaction with Gurobi support was rated at 4.6 / 5 by our current users.

Our Passion for R&D

Gurobi was founded out of passion for developing the fastest, most robust solver in the world. We continuously strive to improve the product, and have increased its performance by 53X from Gurobi Optimizer v1.0 through Gurobi Optimizer v8.0.  

Here's what our customers said:
Gurobi Optimizer is the fastest available. The Python API makes it super easy to integrate with other things. Writing models is way easier than other options.
The best MIP solver on the market . Period.

Why are companies switching to Gurobi?

Learn why companies are migrating over to Gurobi Optimizer.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Commercial Evaluation Trial

Gurobi allows you to try a free, full-featured, commercial evaluation license for 30 days. During that time, you’ll also get:

  • Free benchmarking services
  • Free model tuning services
  • Access to Gurobi’s world-class technical support
  • Two free hours of one-on-one consulting services

Note to Academic Users: Academic users at recognized degree-granting institutions can get a free academic license. You can learn about our academic program here.

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