setAttr ( attrname, newvalue )

Set the value of an attribute. Note that attribute changes are handled in a lazy fashion. The effect of a change isn't visible until the next call to Model.update or Model.optimize.

Call this method with two arguments to set a model attribute. Call it with three arguments to set the values of the attribute for a list of variables or constraints.

The full list of available attributes can be found in the Attributes section.

Raises an AttributeError if the specified attribute doesn't exist or can't be set.


attrname: Name of attribute to set.

newvalue: Desired new value of attribute.

Example usage:

  model.setAttr("objCon", 0)
  model.setAttr(GRB.Attr.objCon, 0)
  model.setAttr("LB", m.getVars(), [0]*model.numVars)
  model.setAttr("RHS", m.getConstrs(), [1.0]*model.numConstrs)
  model.objcon = 0