Using the Spyder IDE

You can launch the Spyder Python IDE, which is included in Anaconda Python, from the Windows Program menu (the installer should have placed it in the Anaconda folder). Gurobi Interactive Shell commands can be typed directly into the Spyder Console window:

Image spyder_linux1

Note that a general-purpose Python IDE like Spyder requires one extra step that isn't required when you launch the Gurobi shell from the Gurobi icon or by using the gurobi.bat command: you must manually load the Gurobi module by typing from gurobipy import * before issuing any Gurobi commands.

You can also use Spyder to run any of the Gurobi examples. For example, if you use Open under the File menu to open Gurobi example, and then click on the Run icon (the green triangle), you should see:

Image spyder_linux2

Some Gurobi examples require command-line arguments. Those can be input from the Configure... item of the Run menu. For example, to run the example with file sudoku1 as input ...

Image spyder_linux3

Anaconda Python includes all of the Python modules used in the Gurobi examples, but feel free to explore the vast library of additional Python modules. A list of available modules can be found at the PyPI site. You can use the conda command to install additional modules. Type conda into a terminal window with no arguments to get additional information on this command.