Building and running the example

To build and run the example, we refer the user to the files in <installdir>/examples/build. For Windows platforms, this directory contains C++_examples_2015.sln and C++_examples_2017.sln (Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 solution files for the C++ examples). Double-clicking on the solution file will bring up Visual Studio. Clicking on the mip1_c++ project, and then selecting Run from the Build menu will compile and run the example.

If you want to create your own project or makefile to build a C++ program that calls Gurobi, the details will depend on your platform and development environment, but we'd like to point out a few common pitfalls:

  • Be sure to choose the Gurobi C++ library that is compatible with your Visual Studio version and your choice of runtime library (Gurobi supports runtime library options /MD, /MDd, /MT, and /MTd). To give an example, use file gurobi_c++md2015.lib when you choose runtime library option /MD in Visual Studio 2015. Similarly, use file gurobi_c++mtd2017.lib when you choose runtime library option /MTd in Visual Studio 2017.
  • A C++ program that uses Gurobi must link in both the Gurobi C++ library gurobi_c++mt2015.lib and the Gurobi C library gurobi81.lib.

The C++ example directory <installdir>/examples/c++ contains a number of examples. We encourage you to browse and modify them in order to become more familiar with the Gurobi C++ interface. We also encourage you to read the Gurobi Example Tour for more information.

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