Example details

Let us now walk through the example, line by line, to understand how it achieves the desired result of optimizing the indicated model.

The example begins by importing Gurobi functions and classes:

import gurobipy as gp
The first line makes all Gurobi functions and classes available through a gp. prefix (e.g., gp.Model()). The second makes everything in class GRB available without a prefix (e.g., GRB.OPTIMAL). You can also start a program with from gurobipy import * to remove the need for the gp. prefix, but if your program uses multiple Python modules it is usually preferred to access each through its own prefix.

In order for these commands to succeed, the Python application needs to know how to find the Gurobi functions and classes. Recall that you have three options here. The first is to use the Python files that are included with our distribution. You would run this example by typing gurobi.sh mip1.py. The second is to install the Anaconda Python distribution. The third is to install the Gurobi functions and classes into your own Python installation.