Running the example

When you run the example, you should see the following output:

Using license file /opt/gurobi/gurobi.lic
Set parameter LogFile to value gurobi.log

Gurobi Optimizer version 9.1.2 build v9.1.2rc0 (linux64)

Optimize a model with 2 rows, 3 columns and 5 nonzeros
Model fingerprint: 0xbc579ebb
Variable types: 0 continuous, 3 integer (3 binary)
Coefficient statistics:
  Matrix range     [1e+00, 3e+00]
  Objective range  [1e+00, 2e+00]
  Bounds range     [1e+00, 1e+00]
  RHS range        [1e+00, 4e+00]
Found heuristic solution: objective 2.0000000
Presolve removed 2 rows and 3 columns
Presolve time: 0.00s
Presolve: All rows and columns removed

Explored 0 nodes (0 simplex iterations) in 0.00 seconds
Thread count was 1 (of 4 available processors)

Solution count 2: 3

Optimal solution found (tolerance 1.00e-04)
Best objective 3.000000000000e+00, best bound 3.000000000000e+00, gap 0.0000%
[1. 0. 1.]
Obj: 3