.NET Interface (C#)

This section assumes that you are already familiar with the C# programming language. If not, a variety of books and websites are available for learning the language (for example, the Microsoft online C# documentation).

While C# programs have historically only run on Windows machines, Microsoft has recently released an open-source, cross-platform .NET implementation (.NET Core) that allows you to run C# programs on Linux and Mac OS as well. You will find the Gurobi library that supports .NET Core 2 in <installdir>/lib/gurobi91.netstandard20.dll. For more information on how to obtain and use .NET Core, please refer to the .NET Tutorial.

We will work through a simple C# example in order to illustrate the use of the Gurobi .NET interface. The example builds a model, optimizes it, and outputs the optimal objective value.

Our example optimizes the following model:

maximize x + y + 2 z    
subject to x + 2 y + 3 z <span>$</span>\leq<span>$</span> 4
  x + y     <span>$</span>\geq<span>$</span> 1
  x, y, z binary  
Note that this is the same model that was modeled and optimized in the C Interface section.