Windows Command Line

Setting up and using Gurobi on a Windows system sometimes requires you to type command-line commands. This can be unfamiliar to Windows users, so this section provides a bit of help.

Windows provides a few different options for inputting commands. For simple commands, you can open a Run window, by pressing the Start key and the letter R simultaneously:

A command can be typed or pasted directly into this window.

You can also type or paste commands directly into the Search box (towards the bottom left of the desktop on Windows 10):

While these two interfaces are useful for issuing simple commands, they aren't suited for extensive interactive usage. If you want to launch Gurobi command-line commands and see the resulting output, for example, you'll need a Console window (also known as a Command Prompt window or just a cmd window). To launch a Console window, type cmd into either the Run window or the Search box (as described above).

This window will remain open, displaying the output from the previous command and waiting for the next command, until you close it.

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