Using pip to install gurobipy

Using pip to install gurobipy

Most Python installations come with the Python package management system “pip”. You can use pip to download and install the gurobipy extension simply by opening a terminal window and issuing the following command:

python -m pip install gurobipy

This command instructs the called Python interpreter to download gurobipy from the public PyPI server ( and install it into your Python environment. Note that our gurobipy installation package is self-contained, so you can use it without any other software installation steps.

After the installation succeeds, you should see gurobipy among the installed packages listed upon typing python -m pip list. For example:

Package             Version
------------------- -----------
gurobipy            9.5.0
pip                 20.2.1
setuptools          49.2.1

Our pip package includes a limited license that allows you to solve small optimization problems. If are an academic user, you can obtain a free, unlimited academic license from our website. Otherwise, you can obtain a free evaluation license by contacting