Retrieving and Setting Up a Gurobi License

Once your license is visible on the Current Gurobi Licenses page of our website, click on the License ID to view the License Details page:

Your next step is to install this Gurobi license on your machine. You do this by obtaining a license key file.

We strongly recommend that you place your client gurobi.lic file in a default location for your platform (either your home directory or c:\gurobi). Setting up a non-default location is error-prone and a frequent source of trouble.

Please consult the License Type field on the License Details page for your license to identify your license type. Click on the appropriate link below to proceed:

If your license includes the Distributed Add-On and you plan to use any of the Gurobi distributed algorithms, you'll also need to set up Gurobi Remote Services on your distributed worker machines.


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