Academic validation

If you are using a free academic license, grbgetkey will perform an academic validation step before retrieving your license key. This step checks your domain name against our list of known academic domains. This section will help you resolve validation errors.

Not a recognized academic domain

If grbgetkey produces a message that looks like this:

  ERROR 303: hostname mymachine.mydomain ( not recognized as
  belonging to an academic domain
it means your domain isn't on our academic domain list. Please make sure you are connected to your university network. If you are validating a home machine and the university provides a VPN, please connect to it before retrieving your license. If the reported host name is a valid university address, please visit our support site for assistance.

If you are having trouble validating your license through a VPN, note that some VPNs are configured to use split tunneling, where traffic to public internet sites is routed through your ISP. You should ask your network administrator whether the VPN can be configured to route traffic to through the private network.

Some machines connect to the internet through a proxy server. You can use the HTTPS_PROXY or HTTP_PROXY environment variables to enable grbgetkey to work with your proxy server. Type grbgetkey --help for details.

No reverse DNS information

If grbgetkey produces a message that only references a numerical IP address, like this:

  ERROR 303: hostname ( not recognized as
  belonging to an academic domain
it means your machine has no reverse DNS information. This usually happens when you are connecting to the Internet through a DHCP server that does NAT (network address translation) or PAT (port address translation), but does not provide DNS information for its clients. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to ask your network administrator to add a DNS entry (a PTR record) for the DHCP device itself.

There is unfortunately no way for us to validate your academic license without reverse DNS information. You can visit this site to check DNS information for your IP address and to obtain more information about reverse DNS.

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