Adding variables to the model

The next step in our example is to add variables to the model.

    # Create variables
    x = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="x")
    y = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="y")
    z = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="z")

Variables are added through the addVar() method on a model object (or addVars() if you wish to add more than one at a time). A variable is always associated with a particular model.

Python allows you to pass arguments by position or by name. We've passed them by name here. Each variable gets a type (binary), and a name. We use the default values for the other arguments. Please refer to the online help (help(Model.addVar) in the Gurobi Shell) for further details on addVar().