Solving a Simple Model - The Gurobi Command Line

Now that the Gurobi Optimizer is installed and the license key has been tested, you're ready to solve a simple math programming model.

This section includes instructions on how to create a simple math programming model and how to use the Gurobi command-line interface to compute an optimal solution. If you are already familiar with mathematical modeling and LP-format files, feel free to skip to the end of this section.

Note that this section gives only a brief glimpse into the capabilities of the Gurobi command-line interface. This interface plays a number of different roles. In addition to providing a simple interface for solving a model, it can also be used to launch a model on a Compute Server or Gurobi Instant Cloud, and it can check on the status of a token server. If you'd like additional information, consult the Command-Line Tool section of our Reference Manual.


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