Using an Instant Cloud license

You have two options for indicating that a Gurobi program will act as a client of a Gurobi Instant Cloud instance If you are writing a program that calls Gurobi from a programming language API, these APIs provide parameters that allow you to specify the name of your Cloud Pool (CloudPool) and the appropriate credentials (CloudAccessID and CloudSecretKey) before starting your Gurobi envirnoment. With this approach, Gurobi license files aren't required on the client.

Alternately, you can install a gurobi.lic file that points to your Gurobi Instant Cloud. This option allows you to use Instant Cloud with nearly any program that calls Gurobi, without the need to modify the calling program. You can download a client gurobi.lic file from your account on the Instant Cloud website. You should place this file in a default location (either your home directory or /Library/gurobi), or set the GRB_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to it.

This file will contain two lines that look like this:

If you are using a non-default pool, the file should also indicate the name of that pool:

These lines allow your client program to launch and use cloud instances from your account. You should keep this information private, since anyone with access to it can also use your cloud instances.

Please consult the Gurobi Instant Cloud section of the Gurobi Remote Services Reference Manual for more information.

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