Anaconda and Gurobi conda package

Anaconda is a Python distribution platform that comes with a convenient package manager (“conda”), and a diverse set of curated software packages. Gurobi offers an installation package for this platform too. We will briefly explain the steps needed to install Anaconda and the Gurobi conda package. Note that the conda package installs more than just gurobipy. For example, it will also install the Gurobi command line tool gurobi_cl, some other tools, and documentation.

If you have already installed Anaconda, you may skip directly to step 2 below.

Step 1: Download and Install Anaconda

The first step is to download and install Anaconda. You can find detailed instructions here. Be sure to check the box Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable when prompted during the installation process. Otherwise, Step 2 may not work.


Gurobi supports the 64-bit x86 and Arm version and a variety of Python versions. Once the download has completed, run the Anaconda installer.

Step 2: Install the Gurobi conda package

The next step is to install the Gurobi package into Anaconda. You do this by first adding the Gurobi channel to your Anaconda channels and then installing the gurobi package from this channel.

From a terminal window issue the following command to add the Gurobi channel to your default search list

conda config --add channels

Now issue the following command to install the Gurobi package

conda install gurobi

You can remove the Gurobi package at any time by issuing the command

conda remove gurobi

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