Modifying Gurobi parameters

The next statements create a struct variable that will be used to modify two Gurobi parameters:

params.outputflag = 0;
params.resultfile = 'mip1.lp';
In this example, we set the Gurobi OutputFlag parameter to 0 in order to shut off Gurobi output. We also set the ResultFile parameter to request that Gurobi produce a file as output (in this case, an LP format file that contains the optimization model). The Gurobi MATLAB interface allows you to set as many Gurobi parameters as you like. The field names in the parameter structure simply need to match Gurobi parameter names, and the values of the fields should be set to the desired parameter values. Please consult the Parameters section of the Gurobi Reference Manual for a complete list of all Gurobi parameters.