Setting up Gurobi for MATLAB

To begin, you'll need to tell MATLAB where to find the Gurobi routines. We've provided a script to assist you with this. The Gurobi MATLAB setup script, gurobi_setup.m, can be found in the <installdir>/matlab directory of your Gurobi installation (the default <installdir> for Gurobi 10.0.1 is c:\gurobi1001\win64 for 64-bit Windows). To get started, type the following commands within MATLAB to change to the matlab directory and call gurobi_setup:

>> cd c:\gurobi1001\win64\matlab
>> gurobi_setup

You will need to be careful that the MATLAB binary and the Gurobi package you install both use the same instruction set. You need to install the 64-bit version of MATLAB to use Gurobi. This is particularly important on Windows systems, where the error messages that result from instruction set mismatches can be quite cryptic.