Independent Software Vendor Partner Program

Embed Gurobi into your application

Gurobi offers an independent software vendor (ISV) partner program tailored to OEMs and SIs that want to embed Gurobi into an application and then sell that application. Our program includes:

  • Support porting your code and tuning Gurobi
  • Flexible deployment licensing and pricing
  • Help migrating your existing users
  • Demo licenses to assist with your own sales process

We're here for you every step of the way

Understanding your business model

We have the flexibility to design licensing terms that work for both of us. We don't try to force-fit you into a cookie-cutter licensing program.

Porting existing code

In addition to online resources such as videos and switching to Gurobi web pages, we give you direct access to migration experts, experienced in working with ISVs, who can suggest migration approaches to set you up for success.

Writing new code

Maximizing your productivity is easier with our intuitive interfaces available in all common programming languages. This makes it easy for you to continue to use the language you have already chosen for your application.

Tuning your models

You can use our free and robust automatic parameter tuning tool which analyzes your model, determines which parameters are most likely to have an impact on performance, and recommends specific settings. In addition, we are happy to review your model to make additional recommendations.

Making deployment easier

With a full range of license choices, including desktop, server, or cloud licenses, you can deploy your application in the way that works best for you as an ISV.

Migrating existing users

We have both the experience and the licensing flexibility to make it easier and more cost-effective than you may have thought possible to give your existing customers the benefits of using the Gurobi Optimizer.

Ensuring high performance and reliable deployment

Our client-server and cloud-based offerings come with built-in queuing, load balancing, and automatic fail-over capabilities. In addition, you can more easily handle peak demand times by adding our cloud-based licenses to the mix using only what you need, when you need it.

PhD Support

You'll have direct access to PhD-level optimization experts with years of experience working with ISVs and commercial models. With Gurobi, you get answers when you need them, not in days or weeks.

We’ve put the tools and support processes in place to make it easier for you as an ISV to use Gurobi to add optimization capabilities to your application.

We can structure an arrangement to meet your needs.

Gurobi offers a number of ISV pricing models that have been designed to suit a variety of different OEM and SI needs. The options are listed below.

Deployment Licensing and Pricing

Note that the following all require that Gurobi be embedded in your application and not directly accessible to your end-users.

Pricing Approach Details
Percentage of Revenue
  • Each time a sale is made, a pre-determined percent is paid to Gurobi.
  • This approach is useful when your selling price fluctuates, since your license cost is tied to your selling price for that sale.
  • Temporary, full-featured licenses are provided as needed, and are converted to perpetual licenses after the invoices are paid.
Fixed Dollar Amount per Sale
  • A flat fee is charged per license.
  • This approach is appropriate if you want to have a known, fixed cost for each sale.
  • Temporary, full-featured licenses are provided as needed, and are converted to perpetual licenses after the invoices are paid.
Application License Agreement
  • A flat license fee allows you to use as many licenses for the named application as you need.
  • This approach allows you to know for certain your optimization-related costs for a specific application.
  • Term generally runs from 2-3 years, but can be shorter or longer as needed.

Migrating Existing Users

We realize that many ISVs have existing user bases they would like to migrate from a prior solver to Gurobi, as this often provides the users with better performance, and the ISV with lower support/maintenance costs. We have dealt with this situation many times and are happy to discuss your unique needs. Just contact us so we can better understand your situation.

Corporate Developers

If you are a corporate developer building applications for use inside your own company, we are happy to discuss volume discounts and how we can support you in achieving your goals.

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