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Gurobi Days Digital Agenda

This event has ended. If you are still interested in accessing this content, please reach out to

Thank you to all who attended Gurobi Days Digital. It was a great three days interacting with you. The recordings will be available to you until July 31 and support will answer questions until July 17.

Day 1, June 23, 2020

  • Why MIP Technology, Ed Rothberg
  • Introduction to Modeling with Python, Juan Antonio Orozco Guzman
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Live- Ask the Experts: Technician Routing & Scheduling Demo, Pano Santos, Haitao Li, Dan Jeffrey
  • Optimization Application Demos, Richard Oberdieck
  • Numerical Issues, Tobias Achterberg
  • Handling Challenging Models

Day 2, June 24, 2020

  • Gurobi Compute Server & Cloud Demo, Greg Glockner
  • Introduction to Algorithms, Kostja Siefen
  • Advanced Algorithms, Tobias Achterberg
  • Live- Ask the Experts: Geek Out On MIP with the Gurobi R&D Leaders, Ed Rothberg, Zonghao Gu, Bob Bixby, Tobias Achterberg, Dan Jeffrey

Day 3, June 24, 2020

  • KPMG Case Study: Using Optimization to Cope with Uncertainty
  • NFL Case Study: Creating the NFL Schedule
  • Live- Ask the Experts: Chat with Mike North, VP of Broadcast Planning and Scheduling for the NFL, Mike North, Greg Glockner