Gurobi Optimizer – Get the Software

Get the software

Gurobi Optimizer is the Gurobi optimization libraries. In addition to the software, the corresponding README file contains installation instructions.
Here is the list of bug fixes for each release.

Current version 64-bit Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux 64-bit macOS 64-bit AIX
8.1.1 README Gurobi-8.1.1-win64.msi gurobi8.1.1_linux64.tar.gz gurobi8.1.1_mac64.pkg gurobi8.1.1_power64.tar.gz

Old versions

8.0.1 README Gurobi-8.0.1-win64.msi gurobi8.0.1_linux64.tar.gz gurobi8.0.1_mac64.pkg gurobi8.0.1_power64.tar.gz
7.5.2 README Gurobi-7.5.2-win64.msi Gurobi-7.5.2-win32.msi gurobi7.5.2_linux64.tar.gz gurobi7.5.2_mac64.pkg gurobi7.5.2_power64.tar.gz
7.0.2 README Gurobi-7.0.2-win64.msi Gurobi-7.0.2-win32.msi gurobi7.0.2_linux64.tar.gz gurobi7.0.2_mac64.pkg gurobi7.0.2_power64.tar.gz

Gurobi Remote Services

Gurobi Remote Services is an optional set of Gurobi features that allow a cluster of one or more machines to perform Gurobi computations on behalf of other machines. This software is only for customers who have a license for Gurobi Compute Server or for distributed optimization algorithms.

Current version 64-bit Windows 64-bit Linux 64-bit macOS
8.1.1 GurobiServer-8.1.1-win64.msi gurobi_server8.1.1_linux64.tar.gz gurobi_server8.1.1_mac64.pkg

Old versions

8.0.1 GurobiServer-8.0.1-win64.msi gurobi_server8.0.1_linux64.tar.gz gurobi_server8.0.1_mac64.pkg