Gurobi Solver for AMPL

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Gurobi Solver for AMPL is the set of tools to add Gurobi Solver to an existing AMPL installation. Please download one of these packages if you already have AMPL installed on your computer. Installation instructions can be found in the AMPL-Gurobi Guide.

Current version 64-bit Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux 64-bit macOS 64-bit AIX
8.1.1 README   amplgurobilink8.1.1_linux64.tgz amplgurobilink8.1.1.pkg  
Old versions
8.0.1 README   amplgurobilink8.0.1_linux64.tgz amplgurobilink8.0.1a.pkg amplgurobilink8.0.1_power64.tgz
7.5.2 README amplgurobilink7.5.2_linux64.tgz amplgurobilink7.5.2.pkg amplgurobilink7.5.2_power64.tgz
7.0.2 README amplgurobilink7.0.2_linux64.tgz amplgurobilink7.0.2.pkg amplgurobilink7.0.2_power64.tgz