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CONGRATULATIONS on getting your prescriptive analytics white paper. Now its time to take your next step!



A note from Jerry Yurchisin. Data Science Strategist @ Gurobi. 


Congratulations on downloading the prescriptive analytics white paper, we are truly thrilled to have you on board and thank you for taking the first step in partnering with Gurobi to solve your organizations greatest challenges using data.

You will receive a welcome email with next steps to your inbox which will also include your prescriptive analytics pdf, but before doing that I want to make you aware of the next step in your journey. My colleague Dan Jeffrey recently teamed up with Data Science Central to host a webinar that dives deeper into the prescriptive analytics tactics used by Gurobi customers to turn complex data challenges into great successes!

These customers rely on Gurobi’s algorithm to solve problems that would take humans months, years or even remain unsolved.

If you’re serious about becoming an elite data practitioner then this webinar is a must, it has been a career changing webinar for many and will be a fantastic steppingstone for the data professional who wants to move their career to a whole new level.

We live in a busy world so to make sure you don’t miss out. Start watching now and see how prescriptive analytics is changing the game for data teams globally. 

Enjoy this great webinar and shoot me a message to let me know your thoughts!


Jerry Yurchisin
Data Science Strategist
Gurobi Optimization


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