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The Smith Institute specialises in delivering clarity for decision makers. We provide our customers with efficient solutions that drive business performance by using state-of-the-art optimisation techniques and business analytics.


Gurobi Optimization and The Smith Institute, using optimization to unlock business efficiency


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As Gurobi’s only UK-based premier partner, we are experts in the use of Gurobi’s Optimizer which is robust, scalable, and our preferred solution when decision problems have millions of variables and constraints as well as billions or trillions of potential solutions. There are three types of business analytics: Table with analytics information

At the Smith Institute we use prescriptive analytics to provide the most value for our customers. Working closely to understand your needs, we can enable you to make the best decision for your business by giving you a range of best possibilities to choose between. The speed and efficiency of Gurobi means that we can focus on creating the optimal solution without compromising on quality. Our recent optimisation work includes sequential decision-making for nuclear decommissioning, the development of optimal route scheduling and driver rostering for distribution, determining winners and prices in spectrum auctions, and matching supply and demand in electricity networks. To find out more about us, please visit

To discuss how we can design tailored solutions to accelerate your business, please contact:
Dr Claudia Centazzo, Business Development Director
Telephone: +44 (0) 1483 579108