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The Smith Institute specialises in delivering clarity for decision makers. We provide our customers with efficient solutions that drive business performance by using state-of-the-art optimisation techniques and business analytics.

Gurobi Optimization and the Smith Institute, once again partnered in November 2020 to hold an online webinar: Making critical business decisions in the face of uncertainty.

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Using state-of-the-art optimisation techniques and business analytics, the Smith Institute specialises in providing highly effective and efficient solutions that drive business performance.


As Gurobi’s only UK-based premier partner, we use Gurobi Optimizer in a variety of projects to build the most robust, scalable solutions for our clients, when decision problems have millions of variables and constraints as well as billions or trillions of potential solutions.

Let us help you personalise your company’s journey through analytics:


Move up the value continuum and gain the most value from your data.


At the Smith Institute, we use our mathematical expertise to help customers move up the analytics value continuum and get the most from their data. Working closely to understand your needs, we can enable you to make the best decision for your business by giving you a range of best possibilities to choose between. With over 20 years consultancy experience, our optimisation work includes countless projects across a variety of sectors, such as energy, telecommunications, FMCG and transport.

A few examples of our work in optimisation include, delivering geographical partitioning for patrol route planning, digital twins of production lines, traffic optimisation models to minimise unmet demand in telecommunication, sequential decision-making for nuclear decommissioning, optimal route scheduling and driver rostering for distribution, algorithms determining winners and prices in spectrum auctions, and matching supply and demand models in electricity networks. To find out more about us, please visit


Why use optimisation?

Today, many businesses use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to build forecast models that can predict the likely future. Many of these models use historic data samples to offer a single likely view, which can then be used to make a whole host of business-critical decisions. But what happens to these models when the future does not unfold in the way we had expected?

Forecasts are significantly improved if great uncertainty is accounted for and multiple scenarios of what the future might look like are well-considered. Optimisation can then be used in combination with forecasting to analyse available data – exploring various ‘what if’ scenarios – and then present the optimum course of action that achieves the best outcome to business-critical decisions.


To discuss how we can design tailored solutions to accelerate your business, please contact:
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