Weoptit is the leading optimization software consultancy in the Nordics. We offer customizable optimization solutions in logistics, workforce management, and in production planning. We can help you through the entire journey with optimization from an idea into production.


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Optimization technology coupled with user-friendly software helps you tackle recurring high-stakes planning and decision-making problems. This increases efficiency in the actual operations and in the planning office. Some of the benefits achievable with optimization include reduced operational costs and improved productivity, increased ergonomics, a reduced planning effort, the utilization of up-to-date information, ease of updating plans, the identification of bottlenecks, and more accurate scenario analysis.

Our experienced consultants and developers work comfortably with complex problems that include complicated rules, multiple performance measures, and altogether thousands or even millions of variables. We are specialized in customizable solutions in logistics, workforce management, and production planning.

You can read about our references at https://weoptit.com/references/

With Gurobi we can rapidly build prototypes and proof-of-concept solutions to validate optimization business benefits for new clients. After this, we can build you a software solution powered by Gurobi, to meet your business and operational needs and requirements. Our solutions can be installed on-premise or in the cloud, and are integratable into your existing IT-systems. We also take care of support and maintenance.


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