baobab Soluciones

baobab soluciones combines the best of business and academia to develop tailored optimisation solutions to Fortune 500 companies in Europe and LatAm.

Founded in Madrid in 2011, baobab soluciones is a consulting firm originated from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid that develops tailored advanced analytical solutions in Europe and LatAm for Fortune 500 companies, like Iberia, Repsol, Air Liquide and others in a variety of verticals. In the Telecommunications vertical, baobab delivers tailored mathematical optimization solutions for efficiency gains, advanced insight and strategic decisions, and to enrich the telcos enterprise and data monetization portfolio. baobab’s solutions are regarded as best in class thanks to its skilled team that combines academic rigour and business agility.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, baobab Soluciones operates in Europe and Latin America.


Telecommunications Service Portfolio

  • Optimization consulting – Expand your talent pool with baobab’s optimization engineers to temporarily increase capacity.
  • Data Monetization – Tailored optimization solutions on top of crowd and mobility analytics
    • Enterprise solutions
      • EV charging stations planning
      • Logistic facility location planning
      • Point of Presence optimization
      • Transportation network optimisation
      • Marketing campaign optimization
      • Facility simulation
      • Route management and optimization
  • Operations
    • Demand forecasting, workforce dimensioning and scheduling
    • Maintenance route optimisation
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Prescriptive fault management – next best action
  • CAPEX Optimisation
    • What-if analysis and scenario simulation
    • Efficient network design
  • Marketing
    • Marketing campaign optimization
  • Sales and distribution
    • Store planning
    • Stock management
    • Optimization of workforce dimensioning and scheduling
    • Pricing optimization
    • Discount optimization
    • Demand forecast and revenue optimization

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To discuss how baobab soluciones can help you reach your optimization goals, please contact us at or at +34 915 337 301.