Polymathian: Delivering Solutions That Drive Better Business Decisions Using Industrial Mathematics

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Polymathian are world leaders in the application of Industrial Mathematics to complex problems faced by industry using advanced techniques in numerical optimization, simulation, machine learning, and statistical analysis. Our award-winning suite of flagship products are driven by our powerful purpose-built cloud-based platform.

We work with customers spanning multiple industries, including many tier-1 global organizations, to provide solutions that adhere to operational constraints, commercial priorities, and business objectives. We deliver significant value in the form of improved efficiency and profitability, regardless of the industry or size and complexity of the problem we are asked to solve.

As leaders in our field, we apply advanced mathematics driven by Gurobi to deliver solutions across multiple industries. From planning the operations of the largest mines in the world to scheduling highly complex transport and logistics supply chains, or automating energy networks, we have successfully aided in the transition to industry leadership for many of our customers.



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