Gurobi Cloud

Powerful Optimization on Fast Machines

Gurobi CloudThe Gurobi Instant Cloud is a simple and cost-effective way to get up and running with powerful Gurobi optimization software running on cloud systems. It allows you to launch one or more computers, pre-loaded with Gurobi software and dedicated to you, to handle whatever your optimization needs are. Simply choose the subscription plan and deployment option that best meets your needs, and then pay only for what you use.

The Gurobi Instant Cloud can be accessed over the Internet by any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. Communication is secured with HTTPS encryption. Most Gurobi Cloud plans provide Gurobi Compute Server capabilities, which include queuing and load balancing for an unlimited number of client jobs. These plans also offer distributed optimization capabilities.

You can use these cloud machines alone, or in conjunction with your own in-house Gurobi licenses. Please see our Licensing Overview page for a detailed comparison between our different Gurobi Cloud plans.

Common Use Cases

The Gurobi Cloud can be useful in many situations, such as:

  • Solve Challenging Models – Leverage the power of multiple computers to solve a single model without having to set up a network of machines. Systems with up to 768 GB of memory are available.
  • Handle Spikes in Demand – Scale resources for peak demand without having to maintain them on an ongoing basis.
  • Handle Intermittent Optimization Needs – Whether for infrequent solves or performance tuning, only pay for machines and licenses when you need them.
  • Track and Minimize Expenses on New Projects – Try Gurobi for a new project. Usage reports show you detailed billing records.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use – We handle all of the behind-the-scene details.
  • Simply install Gurobi software on a local machine, download your license from the Cloud Manager (, and the Gurobi Instant Cloud connects your computer to the cloud.
  • Maximum Power – Choose the number and power of machines you want, and even create multiple machine pools. Computers are available across the globe, with up to 768 GB of memory. Scale up or down your machine pools depending on your needs.
  • Flexibility – Once you have purchased a subscription plan, you pay only for the number and type of machines you use. You can even upgrade your plan to a higher usage level at any time. There are no restrictions on model sizes, users or client machines.
  • Available Anytime – Your dedicated cloud servers are provisioned automatically in a matter of minutes, pre-configured with the latest Gurobi software and a license.
  • Intuitive Web Interface – Use the Cloud Manager to list active machines and jobs, display detailed job information within the job dashboard, or access the history.
  • Room to Grow – With a simple REST API, your application can control its cloud servers.
  • Streamlined Billing – With the Gurobi Instant Cloud you receive one bill covering both license and machine costs.

Powerful and Intuitive Gurobi Instant Cloud Interface

Easy to use cloud manager

Gurobi Compute Server capabilities

With the Compute Server licenses included in most of the Gurobi Instant Cloud plans, you get access to all of the client-server capabilities of the Gurobi Compute Server, including queuing and load balancing. This allows an unlimited number of users and uses, with an unlimited number of client machines. Client computers can run Windows, Linux or Mac systems. You can learn more on our Compute Server Overview page.

Distributed Optimization capabilities

With the Compute Server enabled plans, leverage multiple machines to dramatically reduce solve times:

  • Distributed MIP — where multiple machines work together to solve a single MIP model
  • Distributed Concurrent — where multiple machines use different algorithmic strategies to race to solve an LP or MIP model
  • Distributed Tuning — where multiple machines do experimental solves to find parameter settings that improve performance

Learn more on our Distributed Optimization page.

Supported in Data Centers Around the World

To reduce communication latency, you can get a Gurobi Cloud AWS server in the following regions:

  • Americas: California, Virginia
  • Asia: Sydney, Tokyo
  • Europe: Frankfurt

We also support the following Microsoft Azure regions:

  • Americas: US East, US West 2
  • Europe: EU West

Getting Started

Gurobi Instant Cloud

Visit our Gurobi Instant Cloud login page for instructions on
how you can try the Gurobi Instant Cloud for yourself.

Complete usage instructions can be found in the Gurobi Cloud Guide.

Other Cloud Options

If you wish to manage the machines on AWS/Azure yourself, we offer Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure. This option lets you access the same Gurobi Cloud plans, but will let you deploy and manage the servers according to your specific requirements within your own AWS/Azure account. Compared to Gurobi Instant Cloud, Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure does not offer a Web Interface to manage and monitor your machines, pools, and jobs. You will also be in charge of setting up the networking options and the certificates if you wish to use HTTPS encryption. Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure is supported in all AWS/Azure regions.

You can also run your existing Gurobi licenses on your own cloud instances. The details can be found here. For additional information, please feel free to contact either Gurobi Sales or Gurobi Support.

Please contact to set up access to the Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure.