Licensing Overview

Gurobi offers perpetual, subscription and cloud licenses to meet your specific business requirements.

Our straightforward pricing is now based on the number of cores your machine is running rather than CPUs. Base licenses allow up to 8 cores. Beyond 8 cores, there is a charge per each additional core.

A sales representative will be able to discuss our new pricing options with you and tailor the right license type to your specific needs.

Perpetual and Subscription

License Type


Named User Single machine license for a single named person, unlimited simultaneous uses.
Unlimited Use,
Unlimited User
Single machine license for unlimited simultaneous users and uses.
Compute Server Allows an unlimited number of client machines to submit jobs to a server.



License Type


Bronze Situations where the user wants to solve one model at a time and doesn’t need the features or flexibility of Compute Server. Allows at most one simultaneous use.
Silver More active development and deployment situations where the hourly charge is more of a factor. Includes a Compute Server license.
Gold Heavy usage situations where the features of Compute Server and getting the lowest hourly charge are important.

Gurobi Cloud billing is measured in 0.01 hours (36 seconds), with a minimum charge of 0.50 hours. The time is measured from when the cloud computer is started to when it is shut down, regardless of whether the computer is busy or idle.


Other types of licensing agreements

  • ALA’s (Application License Agreements) and ELA’s (Enterprise License Agreements)
  • OEM/ISV licensing agreements for customers who wish to embed and distribute Gurobi inside other applications

We are happy to discuss any special licensing needs or situations.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support provides phone and email support, as well as upgrades to any new versions released during the period of the contract. It is available for all perpetual licenses, and is included for subscription and cloud licenses.

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