Connecting Gurobi and Frontline Solvers

The power of Gurobi inside and outside of Excel

Frontline Solver LogoFrontline Solvers Now the same Gurobi license can be used both inside of Excel via Frontline’s Platform-level solver products and outside of Excel in any of Gurobi’s supported programming languages.



For Existing Frontline Solver Users…

If you already have Premium Solver Platform, Risk Solver Platform or Analytics Solver Platform with a license for the plug-in LP/QP/MIP Gurobi engine, you may purchase an add-on from us, at a fraction of the cost of the full Gurobi Optimizer, that includes an updated license allowing you to use Gurobi Optimizer as a stand-alone solver. You get all the power, features, and flexibility of Gurobi outside of Excel, without giving up anything you have today, and without having to buy a full stand-alone Gurobi license.

If you currently own Premium Solver Platform, Risk Solver Platform or Analytics Solver Platform, but don’t own a Gurobi license, just by purchasing one Gurobi license and a connector from us, you’ll be able to use Gurobi from either one of those products, or as a stand-alone optimizer.


For Existing Gurobi Optimizer Users…

If you already have a license for Gurobi Optimizer you can purchase Premium Solver Platform or Risk Solver Platform and a connector from us which will allow you to also use Gurobi from within Excel without having to buy an additional Gurobi license.


Overview of Premium and Risk Solver Platform with Gurobi built-in

Premium Solver Platform with Gurobi

Premium Solver Platform with Gurobi is the most powerful optimization tool available for Excel, combining the power of Gurobi with the ease of use and presentation capabilities of Excel.

  • Build a prototype or a full model of virtually any size
  • Get better answers to even the hardest problems
  • Identify and understand trade-offs in alternative solutions
  • Use comprehensive reporting and charting to share your results


Risk Solver Platform (and Analytics Solver Platform) with Gurobi

Risk Solver Platform with Gurobi offers all the powerful conventional optimization capabilities of Premium Solver Platform plus Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, simulation optimization, and stochastic optimization capabilities.

  • Understand the range of potential outcomes given uncertainty
  • Identify drivers of your risk and explore options to mitigate it
  • Optimize plans with “here and now” and “wait and see” decisions
  • Make complex decision choices visually clear
  • Visually share key insights to better manage risk and make decisions

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